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Welcome, Broncos

Welcome to campus, Broncos! We’re happy you’re here.

Are you a brand new Bronco? We have just the thing for you. Bronco Welcome is a whole week of events to get your semester off to a great start Aug. 18-27. Biking, barbecues, free pancakes, and a Bronco block party are just a few of the activities to help you make new connections. 

Click the button below to check out everything going on during Bronco Welcome week and get ready to have fun. And be sure to be there for Convocation and the annual “B on the Blue” photo,  a special welcome celebration for new Broncos that kicks off the academic year. 


Bronco Welcome graphic.

B plaza in from of the Administration building at Boise State

Whether you are a new or returning student, before you hit the books there are a few things you should know: