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#SpaceBroncos – Team Swanson

The first of their kind…

These are the digital voyages of the Space Broncos – Team Swanson. Our mission: to explore exciting content, to seek out new information and share with civilizations; to boldly engage with NASA’s Steve Swanson and crew aboard the International Space Station.

VIDEO: Live Q & A Downlink with Boise State Students and NASA Astronauts on the ISS

Space Broncos (or, #spacebroncos) is a term used to promote the variety of exciting NASA partnerships and opportunities on campus that connect students to innovative learning, in- and- out of the STEM fields.

During the spring semester, Space Broncos – Team Swanson, an inter-disciplinary group of undergraduates, worked on several multi-media projects with newly appointed Boise State Professor of the Practice and NASA astronaut Steve Swanson, who is on his third mission at the International Space Station.

On May 6, the students hosted a Space Symposium at the Student Union. During the event they had the unique opportunity to participate in a live downlink with Swanson and his NASA colleague Rick Mastracchio on the space station. The students asked the astronauts about 20 questions that were answered or demonstrated from onboard the ISS. The footage aired internationally on NASA-TV, and also can be viewed on NASA’s YouTube channel.

Swanson’s parents, Stanley and June Swanson, offered a slideshow presentation before the downlink, and surprised their son during the live Q&A. Following the downlink, students shared about NASA internships and program experiences and faculty showcased their NASA funded research and similar studies.

Space Broncos – Team Swanson Group Photo

Space Broncos - Team Swanson Group Photo

Space Broncos – Team Swanson
Top row left to right: Gina Cordero, Dave Boudty, Sara Rehn. Bottom row left to right: Jaime Guevara, Barbara Morgan, Jordan Smothermon, Ellen Geary, Emery Ross, John Garretson, Leigh Ann Dufurrena, Amanda Shaffer, Camille Eddy.