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Your Student’s Experience

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Academic Support

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There may be occasions in your student’s time at Boise State when they struggle with their classes. This is normal, especially in their first year of college.

Some of the biggest culprits leading to low grades in college are poor note-taking, time management and reading skills. To help your students avoid these pitfalls, encourage them to use the resources outlined below.

Academic Advising

Every student at Boise State is assigned an academic advisor. All first-term students are required to meet with their advisor. This required advising session gives your student the opportunity to create a four-year plan, ask questions about classes, and get help in areas where they may be struggling. Advisors use these sessions to check in with your student, refer them to resources that will help them succeed, and help establish a realistic academic plan for timely graduation.

Find your academic advisor.

Skill-Building Workshops

If you feel your student is struggling, or if they have expressed interest in improving their academic skills, urge your student to consider participating in one of Boise State’s skill-building workshops.

These free 1-hour workshops are available to all Boise State students throughout the semester.

Visit AASC Study Skills Workshops for more information.

Workshops Include:

  • Test Success
  • Test Anxiety
  • Note Taking
  • Time Management
  • Reading Success Strategies
  • Mobile Study Tools

Specialized Learning Centers

For help with specific courses, Boise State offers specialized, drop-in learning centers and free online tutoring in many disciplines.

Additionally, some courses have a designated Learning Assistant, tutor, or a graduate assistant or teaching assistant to support student success.

Visit AASC Tutoring Services for a comprehensive list of tutoring services.

Tutoring Areas:

  • Accounting
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Math
  • Writing
  • Biology

Academic Courses for Student Success (ACAD)

If your student is ready to invest in their academic success, they should consider taking one of our Courses for Student Success. ACADEMIC (ACAD) classes help students focus and structure their academic efforts, and encourage students to use Boise State’s resources and involvement opportunities. ACAD courses are elective, worth 1-3 credits, and are offered in-person and online.

Visit ACAD Student Success Courses to learn more.

Students with Disabilities

If your student has a disability and needs additional support, the Boise State University Educational Access Center is available to help.

The Educational Access Center empowers students to accomplish their educational goals by promoting access and facilitating academic independence.

Visit the Educational Access Center to learn more.

Services Include:

  • Assistance with note taking
  • Access to interpreters, real-time transcribing, and captioned videos
  • Alternative testing
  • Assistive technologies

Academic Calendar

Stay up to date on important dates and milestones throughout the semester. The academic calendar can help you answer questions like:

  • When is the first day of class? Spring Break? Summer Term?
  • When is the last day to add a class?
  • When is the last day to withdraw from a class?
  • On which days is the University closed?

Visit the Boise State Academic Calendar to get all the details.

Other Academic Resources

Campus Life

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Many individuals describe college and being the best time of their life. Boise State University offers numerous resources for Broncos to feel a part of the campus and to ensure that their college experience is meaningful, inspiring, fun, and rewarding.

Get involved

Now that your student is a Bronco they are probably looking for opportunities to meet new friends and expand their network. Boise State University has over 200 student organizations. Whether your student has a passion for sports, the arts, religion, or interest in a social fraternity or sorority Boise State University has an option for your student.

Learn more about student organizations at Boise State University at Get (In)volved

On-Campus Jobs

During your student’s college career their academics will consume the vast majority of their time; however, a proper balance of academics, work and play is vital. One opportunity for your student is to pursue an on-campus job. On-campus jobs help students connect to campus, gain skills critical to employability, make new friends, and earn some money.

The Boise State Career Center has a great staff that is fully equipped to help your student find jobs, build a strong resume, and perform well in an interview.

For more information, visit the Boise State University Career Center.

Living on Campus

Boise State University offers on-campus living for students at all levels; from First-Year students through upper division and graduate students; students who are single or have families. Housing options include 7 different residence halls designed specifically for First Year students, 3 Sophomore and above suites-style buildings, Townhomes with 9 and 12 month housing options, and, 4 different apartment complexes.

Living on campus is a great option for all students, regardless of their age or educational experience. Students who live on campus often feel more connected to the university, do better academically, graduate on time, and are more likely to get a job in their chosen field. This is mainly due to their ability to easily access on- campus resources (faculty, convenient dining options, support services, etc.), jobs, internships, and events without having to factor in the commute and/or parking. A prime example is our Living Learning Communities, where a small community of First Year students live with a faculty member and other students in their same college.

For more information, visit the Boise State Housing and Residence Life.

Parking & Transportation

Boise State University has a combination of students that live in the Treasure Valley and students that are from different states. Whether your student is commuting to campus or living off campus there is an appropriate parking pass for everyone.

Visit the Boise State University Parking & Transportation webpage to look up parking passes, rates, shuttle busses, parking for the disabled, bicycle parking, and all other transportation questions.


Receiving Financial Aid and Scholarships

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Paying for college is an important conversation for students and their families. Refer to our Bronco Money Matters Guide to get started. The Boise State University Financial Aid and Scholarships Office can also help you and your student better understand:

  • The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • Scholarships
  • Loans
  • How to make payments


Once your student has been accepted into Boise State University we encourage you and your student to visit in order to complete the FAFSA. This application will ask for the tax information of the student and of the parent(s). The purpose of this application is to identify the eligibility for grants, scholarships, work-study jobs, and student loans. The application is very straightforward and offers tips as you complete the application.


If your student is in need of additional aid, urge them to visit the Boise State University Scholarships site. Through Boise State University students may apply for private scholarships as well as scholarships that are administered by the university. These scholarships come in various amounts and durations. Learn more about scholarships


Another option to pay for tuition/student fees is through federal education loans, which include student loans, as well as parent loans. Private lenders also offer student education loans, however, we strongly recommend pursuing federal loans first.

For additional questions, visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office or call 1 (208) 426-1664.

Making Payments

The Payment and Disbursement Center is available to accept cash and checks in the office and can also answer questions about payment plans and making payment via my.BoiseState using Credit Card or E-check. Payments in the form of a check can also be mailed to 1910 University Dr., A 101, Boise, ID 83725-1246. Please include your student ID number on the check.

NOTE: Textbooks are purchased with out-of-pocket funds, or, if available, with refunds from excess financial aid once the semester’s student fees and on-campus housing are paid.

For additional questions, visit the Payment & Disbursement Office or call 1 (208) 426-1212.