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Finish in Four

Boise State University is committed to increasing student success, responding to the educational needs of its community, and addressing limited financial resources. To that end, we are pleased to offer the Finish in Four degree completion program.

The ProgramPhoto of graduates

  • Designed to encourage and assist students in timely 4 year graduation.
  • Freshmen students sign an agreement to participate.
  • Students are assigned an academic advisor who assists with academic planning, course registration, and career guidance.
  • Boise State University ensures course availability is not a limiting factor in graduating in four years.
  • A majority of majors are eligible with the exception of a few due to curriculum demands and department structures.  Students wishing to earn double majors are not eligible for the Finish in Four program (beginning Fall 2014).
  • No penalty for students withdrawing from the program.
  • Boise State University assumes tuition responsibility for required course(s) needed for degree completion if not available as per agreement.

The Benefits to Students

  • Stay on track academically: The written four-year course plan outlines which classes to take and when to take them to graduate in four years.
  • Acceleration into job market or advanced education: The sooner the degree completed, the sooner the long-term career begins.
  • Saves money: Additional semesters of classes, especially when taking 12 credits or less add up.
  • Opportunities for Educational Enrichment: Pre-plan summer school enrollment, study abroad programs, internships/practica, and community service experiences.
  • Rewarding academic focus: Earning 30 credits a year (summers can be included) and maintaining good academic standing ensures a first-class intellectual experience.
  • Students who remain on track and in good academic standing are eligible for early registration.

What if a student cannot complete the Finish in Four Agreement?

  • A student who does not fulfill the requirements of the Finish in Four program experiences no penatly.
  • Before you decide to withdraw, please talk to your advisor.  It is possible to “stop the clock” in the event of health problems, family emergencies and other approved and documented leaves of absence.

 How to Participate

Meet with an academic advisor

  • Meet with an academic advisor in the academic department of your major. Check your my.BoiseState account to determine if you have been assigned an academic advisor. If you have not been assigned an advisor, use the Advisor Location List to determine an initial contact person in your academic department.

Develop a four year plan

  • During the meeting with your advisor, you will develop a four-year plan. Many departments have pre-developed four year plans.  However, if you need to customize your own four year plan, please click here use the blank planner form .  All plans will be displayed in Degree Tracker, allowing students and advisors to view progress and ease enrollment.

Review the agreement

  • Review the agreement located at prior to meeting with your advisor and make a list of questions. For answers to frequently asked questions, click on the Frequently Asked Questions link on the left hand side of this page.

Complete the plan and sign the agreement

  • Both the student and the advisor must sign the agreement. Both the four year plan and the agreement must be sent to:

Advising and Academic Enhancement
Simplot/Micron Advising and Success Hub
(208) 426-4049