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German Section Hosts Sixth Annual Do Deutsch Day

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Last month, the German section of the World Languages program hosted its annual Do Deutsch German Outreach Day for local high school students. Approximately 450 students from seven high schools across the Treasure Valley participated in the all-day event. “The event is designed to raise awareness of the value of language learning, and how languages open up opportunities,” said Dr. Heike Henderson, associate chair of the Department of World Languages and German Section Head.

Do Deutsch Event

Do Deutsch started six years ago, after Boise State received a grant from the German Embassy in Washington, D.C..
It’s an opportunity for high school students to visit Boise State, often for their first time. Students get to experience university culture and practice their German skills. The event was organized by Rebecca Sibrian, German instructor, Department of World Languages. Also involved were her colleagues Beret Norman, Franzi Borders, and Heike Henderson, as well as many student volunteers.

Students completed nine stations, each with a game designed to help them practice and improve their German skills. As they completed each station, they earned stamps in their “language passport”, which could be redeemed for prizes donated by the German Embassy. Some of these activities included bingo, conversations with Boise State students learning German, Pictionary, Scrabble, and word identification for German words without direct English translations.

Do Deutsch Event CrowdDo Deutsch is just one of the events that the World Langauge department hosts throughout the year.  The German program offers B.A.s in German and German Secondary Education, as well as two different minors, Business German and German Literature and Culture. Hopefully, after they’ve attended Do Deutsch, Boise State will welcome many new language-learners.

To learn more about World Languages, visit here.

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