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ASBSU Election Results Are In

student government elections

The votes are in! More than 1700 students participated in the ASBSU Spring 2017 Executive Election this year. Inauguration will take place on Wednesday, April 12.

Here are the results of the election:

President and Vice President

Sienna George and Gabe Payne won the election with 51 percent of the votes cast, a total of 866 votes.

According to the official Facebook page,

“George | Payne 2017 is built on a platform of equity, empathy, accessibility, empowerment, transparency and compassion. We strive to enhance and engage the student voice across campus by empowering students to become agents of change at Boise State through student-led initiatives and partnerships that work with the administration to create institutional change.”

You can visit their platform page here.

Jenna Adkins and Lindsey Raaker received 49 percent of the votes, a total of 834 votes.

Secretary of Academic Affairs

Garrett Pedersen won the election with 64 percent of the votes cast, a total of 962 votes.

Pedersen is an active member of the Boise State community. He is involved with the Dance Marathon and is also a member of Delta Upsilon, a men’s fraternity committed to building better men for a global society through service, leadership development and lifelong personal growth of our diverse membership.

Ashley Wardle received 36 percent of the votes, a total of 546.

Secretary of Community Relations

Austin Henderson took the vote with 57 percent of the votes cast, a total of 851 votes.

Some of Henderson’s platform goals include enhancing knowledge and access to internship and job opportunities in the Boise area for students, and promoting awareness of Boise community events.  

You can view his platform Facebook page here. 

Hunter Morrison received 43 percent of the votes, a total of 644.

Secretary of Student Organization Affairs

Justin Doi won the election with 62 percent of the votes, a total of 960 votes.

Doi has held positions as ASBSU funding board officer and as an orientation leader, and is also involved with the Dance Marathon.

Ryahn Pumphery received 38 percent of the votes cast, a total of 584 votes.

The Associated Students of Boise State University is an organization made up of students, for students that advocates for students at Boise State, and is involved in many projects that shape the Boise State experience.  All fee-paying students are members of ASBSU.

“From adding eco-friendly water sprinklers to campus, to more water refill stations, to fighting for more state funding, and even implementing a new policy protecting students from their first MIC, ASBSU works hard each and every day to ensure that students feel safe and welcomed,” says standing President Rebecca Kopp.

You can learn more about ASBSU here.

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