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Molly Renaldo and her mother in Alba, Italy.

Molly Renaldo and her mother in Alba, Italy.

Australia, Thailand, Spain, France, Puerto Rico are a few of the countries where your student can study abroad to earn academic credit and experience new cultures. Study abroad opens the door into international settings where students experience sights, sounds, and tastes that will expand their view of the world.

Molly Renaldo studied one semester abroad in Torino, Italy. While there, she explored Europe while learning about international business. Now conversational in Italian, she plans to take her studies back to Italy for a master’s program.

“Studying abroad was something that my parents always wished one of their five kids would do,” Renaldo said. “My parents were my strong foundation, comforting me in times of homesickness and encouraging me forward when I needed the drive.”

Renaldo thinks the study abroad experience can be beneficial for parents as well as students because they see their child flourish in an entirely new environment. “That baby you taught to walk and talk is now speaking in foreign languages and adventuring through entirely new cultures,” Renaldo said.

Studying abroad can be a safe and controlled method for your student to discover a new side of the world.  Different from backpacking around the world, study abroad programs mean students are typically with other Americans and attending sites with program staff.  The program sites have been thoroughly vetted for safety before any student is allowed to attend. 

“This new journey can seem big and scary,” Renaldo said. “But sometimes the biggest and scariest endeavors create the greatest parts of the people we become. Studying abroad was the greatest expedition I have ever done and created the person I am today.  I couldn’t have done it without the love and support of my parents throughout the whole process. “

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Molly Renaldo – International Learning Opportunities
Perry Truong – Parent and Family Programs

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