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A student and a researcher work with a raptor in the wild.

Did you know that your student can graduate on-time, raise their GPA, and develop real-world project management skills all at the same time by doing research?

The Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program allows undergraduate students to earn academic credit while they pursue research projects alongside premier faculty.

Projects are open to sophomore and above students from all majors. Research areas range from building robots for NASA to developing shelters for humanitarian aid relief efforts.

VIP Projects can be taken for 1-2 credits per a semester based on workload and may run for multiple semesters. In addition to gaining knowledge on the research topic, students develop real-world leadership and project management skills – just what employers and graduate schools are looking for.

Ann Delaney portrait in a classroom

Ann Delaney

VIP researcher Ann Delaney (MS, materials science and engineering, ‘16), participated in the “Make It!” project, which focused on expanding access to makerspaces and tools on campus. Makerspaces are a place where people with shared interests — especially in computing or technology — can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge.

According to Delaney, “VIP was a perfect way to formalize my involvement in an interest area. I was able to earn class credit and add to my resume while working on something I enjoyed.” She added that VIP is the ideal combination of learning through a class and then directly applying that to a project.

“Parents should recommend VIP to their students because it gives students skills they won’t get in a conventional classroom,” Delaney advised.

Specific information about the types of projects underway can be found here. 

Submitted by Bridget Duffy – College of Innovation and Design

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