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Home Sweet Campus Home

Photo of Taylor Hall.Where will your student live next year?  Living on campus, they’ve experienced being in the middle of all the action at Boise State – what being a Bronco is really about.  Sophomore and Above campus housing is designed to help your student maintain their sense of community while they enjoy a more independent lifestyle.  It’s the best balance for students who already have campus life figured out.

Even though the spring semester is just getting into gear, keep looking ahead to next year.  The priority deadline for all Sophomore and Above students to apply for housing for 2017-2018 is Feb. 24.  Applying by this date gives your student the best opportunity to find placement in their top housing choices for next year.  The application can be found here and only takes 10 minutes to complete.

Benefits of your student living where they study:

  • Academic support
  • Community involvement
  • They can live with the friends they’ve already made
  • Increased participation in campus events
  • No commuting

Your student has the choice between living with 1 – 3 other friends in a unit, or having a single room. You won’t have to worry because resident assistants remain on site. You’ll still have the convenience of just having one bill for all their costs of living, and it’s a step toward your student becoming independent.  Campus living means convenience and security for you and your student, so they can focus what’s really important.  Students say they love being able to walk to class, get dinner with friends, and have access to campus resources.

Sophomore and Above students have lots of housing options, like University Square, Lincoln Townhomes, or if they’re an Honors student, our brand new Honors College and First Year Residence Hall. Check out all your options here. 

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