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2016 Campus Awards Winners Announced

The Division of Student Affairs hosted Boise State University’s annual Campus Awards Ceremony on April 25. This blue carpet event recognizes students, faculty, staff and student organizations for outstanding achievement, service and campus engagement. The following people and organizations were recognized:

Commitment to Community Award winner:

Honors Student Association
This award is for Broncos who have inspired action in one another to serve and bring about positive change together.

Photo of Faith Brigham and Jeremiah Shinn.

Faith Brigham and Jeremiah Shinn.

David S. Taylor Service to Students Award winner:

Faith Brigham, administrative assistant, Department of Anthropology

This award recognizes an outstanding faculty or staff member who is committed to impacting the lives of students; extending student learning beyond the classroom; inspiring students to see what is possible; and seeking innovative ways to serve students in the 21st century, a whole new chapter of accelerated change.


Adviser of the Year Award winner:

Kelly Myers, adviser for the Ethos Project student organization
This award is for an adviser dedicated to changing the lives of students involved in student organizations. Outstanding advisers serve as mentors, resources, teachers and advocates on behalf of their students.



Photo of JunNy Foo and Debbie Kaylor.

JunNy Foo and Debbie Kaylor.

Outstanding Student Employee of the Year Award winner:

JunNy Foo, Outdoor Program, Campus Recreation
This award is for Broncos who approach their employment as paths to make themselves and our institution better.  Student nominees exemplify strong leadership skills, professionalism and a willingness to grow and learn

Photo of Rahim Osman and Charlie Varland.

Rahim Osman and Charlie Varland.


Emerging Leader Award winner:

Rahim Osman
This award is for students who are charting intentional paths where they learn what it means to lead. They show a commitment to personal leadership development and are dedicated to student involvement and learning outside the classroom.


Program of the Year Award winner:

Ethos Project Symposium

This award is for students who have created an activity, event or program that made a significant impact on the campus community.

Photo of Brooke Putra and Francisco Salinas.

Brooke Putra and Francisco Salinas

Inclusive Excellence Awards Award winners:

Scott Willison and Brooke Putra

This award is for a student and a staff or faculty member who are action-oriented, equity-minded and committed to creating a campus environment that reflects inclusive excellence at Boise State.



Photo of Shayna George and Leslie Webb.

Shayna George and Leslie Webb

Spirit of Boise State Awards Award winners:

Ben Ohashi, Christopher Sutherlin, Rae Felte, Samantha Walker, Shayna George and Sophie Dunton

This award is presented to outstanding students who exemplify the Boise State University Shared Values of academic excellence, caring, citizenship, fairness, respect, responsibility and trustworthiness.

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