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Unifying the Brand

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Blue and Orange, Broncos and the B

Boise State University is revising and unifying its branding efforts with the introduction of a primary “B” logo to represent the university. Boise State worked in collaboration with Nike to create a consistent visual identity program for the academic and athletic departments.

“With Boise State’s reputation growing nationally, it is an ideal time for Boise State to present its identity in a unified manner,” said Boise State President Bob Kustra. “The redesigned B serves all of us in the Bronco family and represents our personality traits of being determined, strong, innovative and community based. We are boldly moving forward into the future.”

Boise State is a Nike-affiliated school, and worked with the world’s premier athletic branding company on a consistent look for all the Bronco sports that will be unveiled in the spring. The Bronco head will remain a fundamental part of the visual identity for athletics. The B replaces the diamond logo, which was launched in 2001 and has served as the university’s academic mark.

The B logo represents the university’s location in the city of Boise and the Bronco nickname. Both the official blue and orange school colors are represented in the mark. The Garamond and Gotham Black typography bring a modern clarity to the identification and a consistent presentation among all the colleges, departments and units.

A comprehensive identity program promotes maximum recognition and awareness for Boise State. The university operates a licensing program to ensure appropriate use of the trademarks both on and off campus.

Boise State’s registered trademarks, as well as other names, seals, logos, school colors and other symbols that are representative of the university may be used solely with permission of Boise State University. Items offered for sale to the public bearing the university trademarks must be licensed.