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Faculty and Staff

  • Matt Kohn and Celina Suarez, Geminiraptor Skeleton

    Geoscience Discovery

    Working together on geochemical analyses of the process of fossilization

  • Cindy Clark, Explore Tech Transfer

    School of Nursing

    Cindy Clark gives workshops on creating civil, safe teaching-learning environments and healthy workplaces

  • Bernard Yurke

    Distinguished Research Fellow

    Bernard Yurke has conducted unprecedented work in nanoscale science and technology research

  • Barton Barbour, History

    Arts and Humanities Research Fellow

    Historian Barton Barbour has published books and numerous articles about fur traders, Indians and the U.S. government

  • MBA Students

    Getting Down to Business

    Boise State has redesigned its Master of Business Administration offering to create three tracks of study

Boise State has more than 2,400 faculty and staff serving the university, including eight Idaho Professors of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation. Students and faculty work side-by-side in an 18:1 ratio. More than 50 centers and institutes are working for the benefit of Idaho and beyond.


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Want to know more about program prioritization?

Boise State University is about to begin a yearlong intensive exploration of its programs, departments and offerings. The goal is to make the university more focused, more energized and more esteemed in the community and the Statehouse and more aligned with the needs of its students and the future economy into which they will graduate. The process started with a one-year mandate from Boise State’s Board of Trustees, the State Board of Education, but the university hopes to seize the opportunity to build a meaningful foundation for making rigorous, long-term decisions to improve all of its offerings. More information CAN BE FOUND HERE.

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