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Boise State students get hands-on experience, fly high, and live their academic life to the fullest on campus and around Idaho. Our students capture the heart and soul of the Boise State experience in a way never told before. This two-minute video showcases the engaging experiences, academic adventures and school pride found on campus, in Boise and beyond. Many of the impromptu, real-life clips were provided by students, alumni, fans and friends of Boise State who wanted to share the experiences that truly reflect what it’s like to be a Bronco.

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  • Students at Boise State

  • Boise State Blue Turf

  • Cycling at Boise State

  • Hot Air Balloons at Boise State

  • Rafting at Boise State

  • Backpacking at Boise State

  • Teaching Young People at Boise State

  • Gardening at Boise State

  • Freak Alley Boise, ID